T6 & T7 Tank Negan :saviors:

On behalf of our region, and probably multiple other regions. Can we expect to see a higher difficulty of the Tank Negan boss in the near future?

Our faction in TROUP is able to do the last tier of bosses within 1-2 hours and it seems as though the Autoplay 3x, only made it more of a breeze.

We are always looking for the next challenge :slight_smile: any update on this would be great. This also includes the possibility of exploring the introduction of new bosses, mechanics, formats, and prizes.


Awesome. Adding more difficulties just to win horrible unworthy rewards for that rank. T5 should have better rewards than the precious ones but guess what? It’s the same. Why play for higher difficult ranks if the rewards are the same? Only thing different is the Tara rings. Lol


Are you saying just keep it the same then? I actually enjoy assaults, that is why I posted this. To see it grow.

In the end it always comes down to making the rewards better, I believe that is what @EndureAndSurvive9 is getting at.

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Nope I’m saying why ask for more difficulties if the prizes are still going to be the same as the precious tiers. The only difference is the Tara rings. I want to see the assaults grow to; that’s why I posted in the Q&A thread about it, but if Scopley doesn’t want to change the prizes of T5 for the better than why ask for prizes you’ll get on the next Tier. It’s a complete waste of time fighting just to get 25 Ascendance medals and crap rewards when the prizes should be like 10K 5* tokens, legendary trainers, weapons, etc.

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Thank you. This is what I’m saying. :blush:



Ok, I see what you are saying.

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I did 3 attacks, over 1 million damage.

With a few 6 star teams spread across 30 players…

I basically killed David with full green 5 stars.
And almost killed tara with 6 star blue team.

While Negan is a little tough.

It would be nice to actually have a long lasting faction assault like 7 days.
With like "acts"
like act 1 has 4 mini bosses and 1 final boss
act 2 has 5 mini bosses 1 final.

Something more intense.

At this point I only struggled when it was fully bugged.

The only issue is what kind of rewards could be obtained…
Gps and Canteen .

It would be nice to see Weapons be the Prizes for PvE fac assault.
Some special weapons that can only be used in Faction assault
like a sort of progression would be Actually really fun.

Awarding weapons parts / Tara is almost redundant I believe.

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Lol I didn’t see that part. Sorry man, still a bit worn out from work. I understand you want the same.


I opened this topic up for discussion too. I want to see better prizes also (I think everyone else does). I think its better to have suggestions out in the open so that when they do need to draw from inspiration they can take a look at what the public is looking for.

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How about fixing, i.e. removing, the final ranked reward structure before going off and adding new levels of difficulty etc.? That’s not present in other faction events and is a bone of contention for we lesser factions. Thank you.