T5 Faction Assault pull results

Personally I wasn’t overly impressed by FA. It was very challenging which was good. But overall. Nothing amazing.

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Yea, I remember when we had the boss down, everybody in my faction was like:

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My first experience of FA wasn’t great thanks to all the bugs (weapon/leader not working etc)
However I did managed to pull a yellow earring for 5* Tara.

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I enjoyed doing the Faction Assault. But they need to make it easier to get Tara (the only real prize from FA) if you are doing T5. even if it was like Zeke/Jesus in Survival road and you needed so many FA points to get tara and then so many to get the upgrade items to upgrade her I would be happy. At least with each FA I would feel like I’m getting closer to obtaining her. Now I just feel like I might get 2 earrings a year (and they will probably be different colours).

Flashlight, weapon coins, benedict

yippee! :confused:

The feature is pretty good actually, if only for the fact that assault markers give you better access to 6* gear, trainers, and polishing kits/duct tape. The characters from the depot don’t appear to be worth it because they’re non-ascendable; the only way to get an ascendable one is from luck via bags.

Provided they adjust the tickets needed to start FA, I think it’s a nice new feature.

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2 attempts at earings for tara and haven’t heard of a single faction member getting any. So instead of 1 year I’m thinking it will be more like 2 or 3 years.

2 out of 30 faction members got earrings. I got standard crap stuff.

2 silver paint. 2 shields, 800 item tokens… so garbage all around

Tara has been spotted already in a different region to mine…

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Wtf? Really? That’s crazy. Can you post a picture? Lmao.

Nah, was my missus that saw it, so yeah, anything is possible :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not really, with cool downs and ticket limits it’s not possible to legitametly have her yet, unless they are doing something bizarre with faction hoping or something.

Yes, spot on…

The person who got Tara must have mad luck, or brought from VK?

Well according to Scopley, those are some awesome rewards, and I agree; this doesn’t seem like teamwork. It’s whoever does the most damage takes all.

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2 etching acid don’t remember the rest of the garbage.

Everyone gets same bag…

Yes, but different amount of supply points.