T4 upgrade attack team advise

Hey all!

Should I T4 Ty or Siddiq??

  • Ty.
  • Siddiq.

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If you don’t use siddiq on defense as well as offense then I’d do ty for his higher damage output and decapitation but if you use siddiq on defense sometimes as well as attack then I would t4 him. Since title specified attack I voted ty but wanted to give you context.


Siddiq doesn’t really need a T4. He tanks pretty well at t3 and primary use is as a command.

Tyrese puts out a ton of damage so may be worth whole if you are struggling offensively. If not, I’d continue to wait and see what comes next.

Siddiq imo, but only if you plan on using him on defense often. Could use the extra hits taken. He’s a wonderful utility.

Neither just wait for a much more efficient attacking range toon to come.