T4 tyreese or dwight

What are peoples thoughts on who to t4 first. Dwight or ty can only do 1

Tye, guaranteed to kill 2 with any weapon, dwight possibly kills 2 with double attack weapon

Ty doesnt even kill my mira lead with simply +35def and he definitely does not kill guaranteed 2 except you fight 5*. Dwight does if he doesn’t get stunned on the first hit. After that he often kills some random toon. Shiva,abe,negan…he’s tier 2 lvl 1.

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Ty, decapitation

No my mira has the +35def. Dwight’s active also fits my playstyle more than some random one turn impair. He has more hp and def with the same atk as ty. His rush buffS pretty nice…i could go on. We know ty is just a day1 6* tryout who’s ok at attack. Maybe i’ll use him to level the rush from some 6*.

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Ah. Yes he usually stuns himself when trying to hit my mirabelle. On attack when hes controlled however, any damage buff and he will often one shot yellows behind carl. Dwight is less consistent, more of a wild card you could say, for niche teams.

And if you want to be in the top ranks of your T5 faction assault, get two of him and let him tear negan a new one

Yeah I’ve decided to go with ty seems best.

I must be the only player in all of rts who hasn’t even ascended a tyreese. His rush is just way too slow for me


Ty is a beast people don’t realize active skills are just as important as rushes and his double impair is very helpful

Ty AR need 3 tours(85), Dw AR 2 tours(76) with high or huge ap leader

My choice Dwight

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Dwight clears def buffs from zek, for Negan, from Abe, and the list goes on.
Dwight is better over all.


If you had ty you can quickly forgive that he is the terminator.

I pick Yumiko

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Hmmmm, how does Ty go off round 2 on attack?

Are you talking def?

When raiding Alpha-Dwight have round 2 potential with command and round 3 without while Ty is a round later.

I find some talk def. I talk raid. :slight_smile:

I find Dwight can Also Die from reflect damage cause his AR is 2 normal attacks with special damage.

And can be blocked by abs def