T3 gear.......where’s it at!


Scopes I have about 50 watches and about 50 radios, yet no other T3 gear. I’m not pulling anymore premier recruits as I don’t have gear to level. Give us a museum collection or something :slight_smile:


Odds are not good on it since they added them in league store




That question is on everyone’s mind


2 pieces of t3 gear a week from the store is nowhere near enough lol


I need 5 star gear to upgrade some toons to ascend them. Is a roadmap soon?


Every Thursday and Friday there’s a farmable map bud


Wow. I guess I don’t pay attention.


There’ll be ascendance medal roadmap in a few hours time, nothing for legendary medals though. Can only obtain 5 per day from depot & whatever we win from events.

I’m at an all time low for sports gauntlets, tripods & hockey masks.


Your not the only one need to upgrade Spenser to tier 3 Hershel and kenny.


I have enough medals.


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