System behind promo 6* and older ones?

Could be random but look at the 6* list. Since Glenn there are 3 new promo chars an old one upgraded, and repeat. So we have to wait two more promos.

Last one: Connor, only blue michonne follows. Two more promos and we get Lori?

Oof goes my life
So 4 weeks until lori at least

Kal was legacy toon and so was gov. So your theory doesn’t quite work out.

Never noticed it. Well, if things follow the script the next Legacy ascendable will be in approximately 2 to 3 weeks.

So, we’ll only get a list of new Ascendables, somewhere in June.

Took a second look at it and saw what you meant. Forgot about Kal being a legacy character.

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Yes this theory isnt perfect. Rick btw. wasnt promo. It fits if u accept that Kal is an ex-promo not a f2p like the others.

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It’s boring for sure.

I was hoping when they 1st announced Ascending to 6* we would get one every Thursday.
Then it was every other Thursday.

Now I just hope we get one in a month on a random day…

They could make every 2 weeks on a day Thursday really special with a new one released but they just sell premium every week.

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