Synergistic Attack Teams

I would usually consider myself fairly good at creating team compositions, but what I often have trouble with is finding toons that work surprisingly well with eachother

I feel this would be beneficial to a lot of people, so I’m wondering if anyone would be willing to share attack team ideas that work for them

Specifically looking for maybe 2-3 toons that work surprisingly well together. Whether it be FTP or PTP. Any ideas?

waiting to exhale on any response here that i might find useful for my F2P world

I am using this team against anything that stands in my way. (Yes, I know that it is not F2P friendly at all)


Andrea, tyreese (+20% starting ap weapon) and siddiq. Allows ty to be commanded to rush round 2 which helps a f2p team even the odds against some of the timeout teams.

5* heath/kate (attack up), harper/yellow sandy (defence down) followed by an alpha rush on a lydia lead is also a fun sight. All 5 enemies decapped at once.

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Yellow rick lead, guardian zeke, 5 star kate, any decap toon along with a fifth of your choice.
I’ve used this against ranged teams abd its fsirly effective. Zekes remove impair active skill is vital to its success.

You have harper and wayland, so I think you’ll do very well.

This is probably best f2p attack teams if you get stun on Green’s


Looking for surprising, try Javier, Duane and Romanov. 100% attack, stun and defence down acrros the rushes. Behind a Rick lead it can make mincemeat of Magna shields

First time anyone used the words “best” and “attack” for a team with such a useless attack lead…


This looks more like an attempt to do a defense team, rather than an attack team. With that lead you will have a hard time doing any good. I’d rather use green Mirabelle from Season 1 League for this, or even the Ezekiel from the Survival Road Supply depot, but Carl as a lead in an offense team is not a good choice.

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This one i like it has taunt , confuse and stun very good shredding and cc abilities also a ftp friendly :slight_smile:

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Carl lead? No just no.

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Yeah meant to put abe. Didn’t realize until just now

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F2P (Using Glenn less these days and stripped mods)

Not so F2P

Ok good lol.

I use Andrea lead with blue Michone and ty along with 5 star Kate and red Lori. Works very well against almost any team

How do you have your Harper modded?

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