Switching regions?

I am a returning player and i can’t choose or switch to another region?

I am now in a region wich is active for months so I have no chance to get high er then top 1.000.

Scopely advised me to go here.

Yeah - region transfers are now limited to small windows of about 48 hours every few months.

They also have it set up so you can only transfer into some regions and out of others - herding people towards more active regions.

To be honest, your best bet is to switch to a new game.


If you started a new account they place you in one of the newer regions to protect inexperienced and lower level players from the veterans and more experienced players, same reason why they don’t give you the option to join a different region. A level 1 account in a developed region would be hell to try and compete.

And as @Rasputin said, they are limiting transfers to small windows of time every 8 weeks or so.

You can try contacting support and plead with them for them to place you on a certain region but I doubt you will have any luck

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Well. Scopely doesnt know im returning. I deleted Everything and started a year later again.

And still i am in a completely developed region :confused:

Which region is it? Your best bet is to contact support and ask them to move you to a newer region

The only way you wont be in a older region is if you install the game on a virgin device from what I understand.

Oh and they don’t really answer questions as much here anymore despite their promise to:

Try asking Ladygeek… She’s still everyones best bet


Region Lewis

I’m pretty sure Lewis is one of the newest regions, probably 3 months old roughly. Doubt Scopely will put you in a much newer region.

Ok thank you Opie and the other people who invested time for my question!