Switching from iPad to Android


I have two accounts. Two different regions. I want to put my account from the iPad to my Android phone. How do I go about doing this? One is linked to Facebook other is linked to my email account.
Thanks for the help in advance


You will need a 3rd device to move the android account to first.

Bluestacks is a free program on the computer that acts like a 3rd device.

So move your android account to bluestacks
And then move your apple account to your android phone


Will I be able to put my Android account on the iPad?



To do that, move your ipad account to bluestacks and then your android account to your ipad


I play the same active on my iPad and iPhone. Can I also play the same account on my computer?


Yeah, just log into it on your computer with bluestacks


I don’t have a user name for it. Just linked with Facebook.


Thats all you need. Complete tutorial on computer and then click link account. Log in with facebook and it will transfer your account to computer


Bluestacks is not a cheating software, that kid only got banned for using gameguardian.

And to use that on bluestacks now, you have to manually root it.

Bluestacks is safe regardless what he says


Yeah. I’ve used it for 2years on and off with my phone without issue. Many people use just bluestacks as their way to play the game. Theres no built in cheats with bluestacks


Yeah. Sometimes i even log into my friends account to guide him as to what he should level up and build teams for him. (He’s pretty new to the game, trying to jumpstart him)

Havent faced any issues with bluestacks


I wouldn’t post that… it’s against the TOS to share accounts!


Oh well