Switching from android to ios


Help!!! Keep finding conflicting info… my android tablet is nearly dead, I’m level 100 so don’t want to lose account. Want to swap to iPad, so iOS. Have downloaded game on iPad & gone through training, got to the part to link account on Facebook, then suddenly thought… what if this new game overrides the old one? So have gone no further. If I have to get help from in game support, I don’t have any receipts, as never spent any money on it, done okay without, got 8 ascended, 2 maxed out. And a lot of maxed out 5*. So don’t want to lose the lot!! HELLLLLP


Have you ever moved your account to any other android devices?

And your original download of the game created a receipt in your playstore


As long as you are not in the beta program there should be no problems as I can switch between android phone and iPad regularly, especially for war as easier to play, just go to iPad and put in Facebook account that you have setup on the android tablet already, and it will say that there is already an account on that and do you want to use that one, click yes and game will be loaded onto ipad


If she has already moved her account from one Android device to another, then she cannot move it to an iOs device. That is what happened to me on my alt. My main moves just fine, but it went from my original device of iOs to an android tablet. Thought nothing of it. Moved alt from Android to Android, but now cant get it on iOs


Okay, thanks. So many conflicting comments in other threads. But I’ll guve it a go…


No, never moved it. Don’t know what you mean, receipt to play store?


Soz, just re read it. Know what you mean now! Okay. So how will I find that receipt? I didn’t pay for the game :crazy_face:


You’ll be fine.


Go ahead and keep doing what u were doing. Finishing linking with the Facebook


Did it… no problem at all. Thanks :+1:


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