Switching factions and league points

Does temporarily switching factions and back affect your individual, or faction league points?

We have a crafting faction that the region shares and we hope out of our normal faction and join the crafting faction and when we start our crafts go home.

Will leagues mess this up? It has worked exceptionally well for months for our region.

The way I read it, it’s like FA tickets. The tokens are not lost but absorbed by the faction you are leaving. But yes, clarification would be nice.

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This is a prime example why crafting factions are not the ideal method.


It has been the best solution we’ve found so far. The only issues have been people getting stuck if they don’t too close to events , plus u can’t do it during events. And the leaders have to change your titles for war.
But counsidering so few are on simultaneously, it has worked so much better for our region than anything else.

So much easier to take the territory’s when u need it, put one team in so who ever needs it after can easily take it. There fore those 2-3 day faction level ups, u can still craft


worst idea! Crafting Factions suck, hopefully leagues is the end to all crafting factions


It’s the method we use, but it isn’t perfect…

“Oh no the walkers have taken over Surefire and Strip Mall again. Whoopsie!”

Ithe 3 day stuff is mainly weekends. I understand what your saying. But we have a difficult time getting everyone on at the same time. And half the time in my alt region it’s already taken and I have to wait an hour and hope someone else is on and hope no one else is try to take all 4 of them. For it’s faults the crafting faction is so much easier in my opinion.

@JB.Scopely any word on this?

Man what the heck happened in your region. I’ve had nothing but a good experience from it.

You just need 2 terries the crit ones…

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