Switch 5* weapons

Sorry if it’s off topic but how does switch work? can you switch stats from yellow to red for example? having absolute defence on Pete or different type of things like this.

The weapons must be of the same trait.

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What about off trait weapons? Kal has impair when being attacked but is yellow, so does Dale but he is red, tho i would rather craft a stun focus for Pete for example.

That has to do with the weapon being that character’s specific weapon or a weapon that is from a weapon pull, you cannot craft impair on attack on a yellow weapon.

Switch will allow you to use any same colored weapon in place of the toons bound weapon.

So basically you no longer have to bother upgrading any toons bound weapon anymore. For example if you never got Stun to land on Alice or she’s got a fresh unmodded weapon but you have a bunch of regular red stun weapons you can just switch his bound weapon to one of them once it’s upgraded. That weapon is then not useable for anyone else on the team as it’s now “equipped” to Alice.

These pics are from the beta.


But if she is not in use you can use that weapon?

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Yes, the same rules apply as far as weapon use goes.

Notice how I can’t use the other two red stun weapons with Alice as they are already assigned to two other reds on this team.

Switch is really just a way to bypass bound weapons and that’s about the only thing I like about this update as I always thought bound weapons were crap and a cheap tactic to force people to continue to craft.


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