Switch 5* important question

Ok so i talked with a friend but i kinda can’t test it myself so i will give some example that’s how my question will work.

Let’s say i have Pete default weapon(fixed weapon) with 20% bonus hp to everyone from the team and i have a non-fixed random weapon with defender level 4. If i make both weapons 5* i can switch them, BUT i’ve heard that the non-fixed weapon get’s locked. So if i switch pete will have on his rifle stun focus and the non-fixed weapon will have pete’s stats (20% bonus hp to everyone). But once i switched that NON-FIXED weapon can’t be used on anyone else. Is this correct?

Can you give “fixed weapon stats” to characters that doesn’t have a weapon? I wanted to give raulito impair to kapoor but it seems i can’t do that since the other weapon will get “locked” and can’t be equipped by another character. I just want some approval

The stats don’t switch from one to the other, a fixed weapon can use the stats of a non fixed weapon but the non fixed can’t be used at the same time on someone else. It reads the weapon is already equipped.


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