SWF looking for top Fraction

Recent member from Insanity Inc! Looking for a top fraction. I pass all the normal questions I have been getting. Message me if you are a legendary or epic fraction. ID is queenofspade5 that is a five on the end not an s. App name is Jen.

What is a legendary fraction?




SB or MH

I am a PST zone player if that helps narrow down the responses I am getting.

Haha, you said fraction instead of faction.



How old are you?

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I am also curious why SWF is in the post. Does this help with recruitment?

Are we in craigslist personals or something?


This was a mistake looking for mature people here. Yikes, so much negativity these days.

I will be closing responses.

OP didn’t get the joke… that’s okay, maybe next time



You’re probably better off reaching out to factions you’d be interested in joining either directly ingame or by sending a private message on forums/Line. Forums in general just has so many casuals who don’t give a damn.

I can invite you to a global recruitment Line group if you’d like. Plenty of recruiting factions there.


What up, we’re three cool dudes, Billy ,Bradford and Charles and we’re looking for Stacked Warriors and Fashionistas to come join us in our party faction.

We don’t care about epic or legendaries type factions as they dont party nearly as hard or as long, except Richard , that dude is a one man folktale , half greatness other half hank hill

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As old leader of Insanity Inc! I will vouche she is a good player.

What’s your A/S/L baby… SWF… oh man taking it back :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Hi Jaxxyyy, I would welcome a line invite. I have had several offers and am really trying to think outside the box and search in places I have never looked before. The scopely forum arena was my last choice :slight_smile: my ID is queenofspade5

A trap? Ok, well you have already seen a strong player vouch for me. This is/was my first and last post on scoeply to reach out for help to find a fraction.

We are sorry to hear that @triganley ! I will take your complaint to the team.

Man this forum is pathetic. Someone asking for help and they get shut down. Smh

I for one think this tread was a Smashing success,op will be noticed by senpai (epic, legendary factions) and we get to carry on with shenanigans and other tomfoolery. I regret nothing …:yet everything…,o Danny booooooooooooooooy

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