Sweetspot Scavenger Camp YGL

Whats the sweetspot to get the ygl mission constantly and have as much team cost as possible. I have my sc at level 11 and usually the mission pops right back up after I collect it. I use 3 other camps to “lock” prestige missions that I never collect to up the chance for ygl. But it would be nice to have a little more team cost to send more characters out. Any suggestions?

I don’t believe they really want to improve that that’s only excelling people through characters free but that’s where I keep my camp and it seems to be the best for me

My max camps are at 16. I don’t know if I completed all gold missions prior to leveling them up but YGL shows up constantly. Occasionally, I have to abort the least important missions and one time, it took hours to show up.

I have 2 of mines @ level 20. YGL shows up most of the time after use. Sometimes I knock out a few smaller missions for it come back in the pool other times it doesn’t show back up for hours. But at level 20 you can have a significant number of more sizeable characters on team. Hope that helps.

thanx for the info guys

The only correlation of Prestige missions is with the number of Gold Missions completed, of which the minimum is level 10.

The level of Scavenger Camps have no known correlation with Prestige missions occurences and mainly just theories based on suspicious and anecdotal evidence.