Sweet War Reward!

Check out this war reward. So generous. Definitely worth grinding it out to 200k.

Gotta love them bugs! :smirk:


It wouldn’t be Scopely if they didn’t eff something up at least once every few days. Worst quality control ever.


they already fix’d it, quick catch quick fix


Yes, they are very proud of this record. :rofl:

Not in my game, it’s still bugged. What did it turn into or did it just disappear?

It’s still not fixed in my game

Fixed faster than blue Carl in Museum collection

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Are you android? Still nothing

yeah andriod, could also depend on region tho, give it a hour they seem to be working on getting it fix’d for everyone

So @JB.Scopely, whatever happened to all the claims about not being able to change rewards in the middle of a tourney? Lol

P.S: I want my crap bag back!


They’ve already proven in the past that it’s possible for them to change rewards even when the event is live.
It has happened way before JB arrived.
Don’t believe everything scoply & company says


Scopely: About to flip to 1 … Forum: Tells them about the 200k war milestone … Scopely: Sadly puts it back to 0

It’s not even a Mystery wtf I don’t want to know what I get.(prays for Grenade)

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