Sweepstakes for S Class Event

88 days makes 176 potential roadmaps to come for the S Class event, add in 88 days of gold bar log ins and that’s 264 buttons that need pushing for release (Scopely for some reason seem to be against an auto release feature).

So here’s the sweepstake… How many of these do you think will either be missing/delayed for some/all players or bugged? It would have been 0-264 but we’ve already had the 1st day and the roadmaps were on time, but some people, according to the forums, are missing the gold radio (opens one of the roadmaps) and the gold bars. So that’s 1 ok and 2 flawed. So the sweepstake starts at 2-263.
Place what number you’d like below.

The prize is the ability to say ‘I was right’. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Btw I’m not actually going to keep count, it’s a tongue in cheek post. But I’d be very interested to know the answer if somebody else had the inclination to/wanted to keep count.

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Ohhh that’s low!

262 delayed or missing, bet I’m the closest👊

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easy to better how many will be right
I better 0

No need to do them…Just pray to kenny and he will give you strength

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