Sweaters sre gone

Why have sweaters stop dropping from faction assault 20 hours before the musuem ended. My fction started an asdualt with sweaters as reward and now they are gone


If you started while the sweaters were still rewards, you will get them when you finish (as long as it doesn’t go past the collection time).

But don’t worry they are still in offers if you want to get $weaters from $copley that way

As always, collections last longer then the period to obtain the items in order to allow for people from around the world to turn them in.

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Fairly typical in museum events for the farming to go away 24 hrs before the end.

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We just finished an assault and the sweaters didn’t show but we got them in rewards. When did you start the assault?

If the rewards, in this case the sweaters, are going to end early it needs to be posted!

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I’m worried right now. We started a Negan yesterday, sweaters were still displayed in the rewards. Now they are gone. Did someone was in the same situation and got them anyway ?

If you read some of the other panic threads from people in same situation, you should get sweaters.

It s a Shame . We all buy both tickets offer for nothing . Scopely you stole your players . I m very angry

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if you started the faction assault by 7pm EST, then you will still get the sweaters. we started ours this morning, finished two hours ago, and i got the sweaters.

It should be the way @RedReaper said but it isn’t. We started 6pm pst and finished about 4 hrs later and the sweaters disappeared from the rewards during the fa and we did not get them

Im 4k short and only offer to buy is for 2.4k, does anyone else have any other offers?

Not sure why that happened, everyone else I saw got theirs.

And Scopely is saying the event is going as intended. If that’s true then it was intentionally planned as a rip off

Very pissed off just finished fa and got no sweaters. We signed up when it was available. This is bs!!! I hate scopley!!!

Scopely is saying you do not get the sweaters even if when you started fa they were in the rewards

Events typically stop dropping in the last 24 hours, this is to give everyone time to collect their items. Like I’ve said in another thread, there will always be some people that fall a little short on the items.

Agree @Semperfi22. I am really pissed!

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@High_Power. Where was that posted that rewards would end 24 hrs before end of event? It wasn’t. Why would you be supporting Scopely in this.