Sweaters gone 15 chars

Too soon

Put them back

Not too soon. They said they would be gone today.

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I thought they say tomorrow or after war

It is ridiculous end even earlier than war finish

A lot of faction planned to rush for some right after war

Should at least extend abit longer

If they planned to do it after war, then that is their fault.

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At least longer

Asking them to extend it longer would mean they would have to also extend the collection time. They wouldn’t do 1 let alone both.

Scopley made a rod for their own backs not announcing the exact time the sweaters ended.

Although why anyone wanted to wait until after war is beyond me. I don’t understand what benefit is gained by pushing your luck

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They should at least be there for those of us started fa before finish time

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As long as you finish before the museum event ends, yes you will get the sweaters for the FA you started before 7pm Eastern time today.

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That’s bad 15chars

What time did u start?

We got our sweaters yay

We didn’t get ours

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