Sweaters event and winter tokens

This was a good event, got some bad pulls, got some good pulls. I did all 3 winter collection 5, winter collection 4 and 2 winter collection 3. I got 5 pulls for free on the winter wheel and got 6* winter zeke, 5* winter zeke, 5* harlen, 5* dante, 5* mackenzie. Really happy with dante and kenzie, they will go nice behind that new eric. Didnt get disarm michonne tho :frowning: all in all good event, what did you get and did you get pulls or gear from the sweater event?


was a good event
4 pulls
dante, Mackenzie, beta and disarm mich

didnt like the rng with the equipment boxes but got lucky, one GPS one canteen

it’s tough cause people will complain about the pulls and its sucky about the dupes but cant do much

my previous events I pulled shiva, red andrea 3 times and Harlem

so hang in there


  • Decent toons in wheel
  • Plenty of chances at pulls for all levels
  • Faction Assault goodies too (if you’re lucky)


  • Ambiguous end time - have Scopely not learned about this kind of poor communication by now? The original gate, Michonnegate, centred around ambiguous event end times, yet two years later they haven’t learned
  • Not-so-decent toons in wheel
  • RNG on gear
  • Dupes (not me personally)

Edit: 5 pulls, Michonne, Koa (6★), Winter Shiva, Harlan, McKenzie so pleased. Had enough jumpers for two lots of T3 gear but nothing else


these were my wheel pulls, also rng gave me 2 gps and 2 canteens, which im happy about, and then the obvious gear. i like the op still remain in the disarmless club. @Kanaima pretty much hit the event summary dead on. would i be mad if scopes did another assault event? no, but i think a few tweaks are needed (like a more grind/participation increase in ticket cap.) like i have stated before, reward players for playing the game, and a raised cap or unlimited cap allows everyone regardless of faction rank to get as much as they put in. overall it was a good event

2 pulls
5 star Davie
6 star Sophia
Didn’t pay a penny
Was a good event.

Aris (Dup)
Blue Zeke

FA should always occur that often. OW, it’s not a reliable source of gear.

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