Swaping between IOS and Android


Im not sure if it’s bug but I would say it is.
Yesterday I forgot charger in work for my Iphone so I installed game on androids emulator on computer. Now when I try to log in on IOS I got information that there is different version and I need to wait when versions will be the same.

The case is that atm the versions are:
Android - updated 19.10.2017 version
IOS - updated 19.10.2017 version 8.0.1

So basiclly the date of update its the same. Looks like on IOS version is higer than on Android and since its from the same day I belive there will never be situation that they will be the same.

What can I do in that situation? Im thinking about buying new phone with Android so I can play normally. I hope there is other solution for my problem.

I already wrote to support but I decided to try getting help any place I can :).


That’s weird.

Android runs the ‘same’ version as iOS unless you’re on BETA. Sometimes versions do not match exactly but they are on the same level and you’re able to switch from one another. I’d say this would be the case this time because they seem to be final versions but they’re different somehow.


I did what I proboably should do at the first place.
I reistalled the game on IOS. And it started to work. So perhaps I didint have correct version on my IOS (even if there was not any update to install on store).
Anyway I’m not going to log in on android ;-).


I can confirm both versions are compatible.


You can switch devices back and forth and be able to play with the same account.