Suspicious War Score Hacking or a Glitch

Excuse me what?

New bonus is apparently working! :joy::joy:


We don’t no what happens there…
We had our last attack than the game crashed by all of us… And now this…
And no we are no hackers…
But this glitch istn the first one…
I got pictures from other regions where the same problem happened

it’s real gaymer time.’

85 billion points, known bug

Yeah figured it was a glitch heard of this happening in the past but not at this magnitude

We were winning this war so feeling pretty annoyed to be honest

Damn didn’t even know Mighty had left Abbeville miss you guys alot love from Abbeville :heart::heart::heart:

Thanks lol

Gang bangers cheaters I guess.


They are laughing about it also.

Anyone here think scopely will come in on the weekend to fix something? Dont hold your breath lol

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It’s a known glitch that happens sometimes… like 5/6 crw ago happened in my crw group, same score.

I call bs… 4 years and never seen this glitch just hacks

Guess you missed these.

Can’t believe they still haven’t fixed this bug…Time for Scopes to sweep this one under the rug too.

Still not fixed

The Mighty is full of people who get their toons through alternative means, so I wouldn’t say they deserve the win. I have ss proof before anyone says anything. What goes around comes around

This is just me calling out the people who commented it’s not cheating and just a glitch lol and damn if they do cheat and got the tables turned on them, kinda funny but still this needs to be corrected, whether mighty cheats or not, GB doesnt deserve 1st place.