Suspicions score in arena

How Can a player make more than 300 000 points when he didn’t won a ticket for final stage of Arena??? I don’t understand…

You get a champions ticket after your 7th entry in a week

And then you can use coins for bonus mulitpliers


He would have brought tickets with coins, a lot of coins, an absolute mountain of coins - I think its wrong, Championship Arena should only be opened with tickets that were won during the week.

But that is the way it’s set up - you can pay to win. P2W.


He’s diamond, he’s in a different league to you


He wasnt in your daily arenas he is a diamond player so you havent faced him til champions. There is much larger mixed bracket in champions and it should be that way.


Ooooh … So i just need to pay??? Really good!!! Again a sh…ty event for spenders.
So all my efforts to win tickets are ruined because of a f…ck…g spender??? Pffff this game is a f…g piece…of shhhhh

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People who are still stupid enough to spend money on this crap feast either or dumb, have zero life or need to be placed in a lonely bin.

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It is really disgusting… I am very disappointed with that

Ok… Very sad to know that

I totally agree with you

It is disgusting that you get better arena rewards than almost all diamond level players. Makes zero sense that you are rewarded for being active in bad bracket.

If scopely had any sense they would tier so the top of platinum equals the bottom of diamond 1. That would make leagues mean something.


It is within all possibilities that it is just a employee testing the feature of the game.

Seems like he used the 10x multiplier. Prob wasn’t that expensive. And he gets the coins back anyway.

Ignore Champions arenas, only do domination, use ur free ticket for endurance and that’s it, not worth investing anymore into it cos your always gonna have whales or cheats who will just spend to get top… any champion tickets keep in ur inbox cos last week I had 4 but used 2 cos I wanted to save 4 this week but then it reset so I learnt from that.

And save your rings for some Gen 2 toons, maybe toons like Charlie and Michelle and Donny cos they seem to have some longevity and of course S-Class toons. Don’t waste your resources on anything else

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i saw a few posts from people who are pathetic enough to attack the person of other players in an online game because of how they spend their own money.
i thought for a few seconds that its sad, they must be such real life losers and/or need to placed on the lonely bin :wink:
but i decided they are too unimportant and far beneath me to bother reflecting further on

Nah thats some bulls#!+ i reported one in my league and contacted support with the screenshots. The score they had was way to high and couldnt even come close to being touched with the points from opponents i had to face. Support said they where already looking into it and they had already received numerous complaints about it and that is something they would not tolerate and they where about to start cracking down on the ganeplay as far as people finsing ways to cheat the system

Money money money…Makes me happy

Waaaa :cry: I can’t win! I’m going to cry on forums about it! :joy: