Suspension for same language used in game storylines

How does Scopely justify the hypocrisy of suspension for use of 4 letter words and other colorful phrases? Many in my region have been getting hit for no other possible reason than adult language in an adult game. Ridiculous! Something needs to be done! I’m 48yrs old and if I wanna say “fuckity ■■■■■■■ fuck” , I should be allowed. Especially if the game storylines use the F word among others.

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They don’t have to justify it. They are a dictatorship that just doesn’t care.


You can agree or disagree with their logic, but there it is.


If you really feel the need to use those words, just use Discord or Line or whatever other messaging app is available

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I like how it only censored one of the fucks.

It’s not a partial match, so only the one ending in -ing matched.

Just don’t post a picture of a dead rat!


To suspend us for using the same type of language used by the developers in the storylines is hypocritical period. No logic or explanation except that they are hypocrites. “We can but you can’t” bullshit! I will not be spending money anymore being treated like this. Joining the strike.

Utter, unmitigated, hypocrisy.

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