Suspended for cursing in GC

So its this real someone in my region got his account suspended for 24 hrs for cursing and bad words in GC so theres is a big brother and why they dont remove the admin offering coins:thinking:


Admin is either one of their bots, they cant remove admin bot cause they are not good enough to do so or they just really dont care. Getting locked outta your account for a day for using some naughty words is silly and if that happened to me, first thing id do is get my money back. I also called this and said that trolling would happen, so we can go to regions with baby accounts on multiple devices and report people, looks like i may have fun with the biggest whales in game by locking them out of the one thing that matters most in their life, brace yourselves the trolls are coming. So either scopely is putting a mark on accounts like whales that they can be locked or a bunch of whales will be rioting soon, im just sitting here with popcorn waiting for the shitshow to start


I wonder why they don’t do that with these guys


Get enough people to gang up and report emm and bam they will be locked out

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Don’t come to Mitchell (EN), this guy always makes horrible jokes about other people mothers with his sickening attitude, calls everyone by the “Whóre” and “Slút” sunname. Ive reported him so many times but there’s no response.

I checked out that region as i was actually going to transfer there awhile ago but i decided not lol

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Don’t :(, specially with those freaks, they even talked about something horrible like necrophilia! I saw someone posting something about comin to Mitchell in this forum, I was so naive when i decided to go there…



Yup, gotta watch out for the snakes and theirs lots of them in this game. They like to sell their region and make false promises but when you go its all lies, good thing you can move again but if you speak out about a region, the snakes swaem like an angry bee hive, that is why screenshots are needed, cant argue with those as shining the light on snakes scares them more than anything


It was a terrible mistake :’(

Why do you think admin coin offer person(s) wouldn’t be blocked?


Looking at the banned word list, the whole system is probably garbage.

Probably like most downvote/report systems, they are lazy and so end up as trash and extremely susceptible to both trolling and bullshit groupthink snowflakes (like reddit)


Thats what some of the groupthink herds in this game want as they think they are the only ones who can get 100 accounts to report someone, im bout to have fun after this update

I’ve said it before…

Game chat is dead to me.


Wait, how you get b*nned for cussing, if all cussing appears as #### #######

Good. Dont be such an asshat to others.

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Mitchell isn’t a bad region. Every region has trolls. Yes I’m the one they was talking about but oh well how many people can actually say they use global chat. Most use line or something else.

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Well, that guy gives me a really bad perspective 'bout Mitchell because it’s the first region where some of it’s members members (Like that guy who makes nonsense “Distrack” thing) are too toxic at the point of having that kind of disrspect for everyone. You can’t even talk on GC cos they will appear sayin stupid things about your mother, your name, your life, everything!

I came to Mitchell to play with nice people and maybe improving my english, the post im talking about offered good things too, but i think everyone has a limit. People like him makes regions like Mitchell very toxic, yeah, trolls are everywhere, but it’s the first time i see something like this o.o

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I think trying to clean up CG is a good idea. It’s the public side of the game. There should be some decorum here. I think putting a bot in our faction chat is a terrible thing. That should be policed by the faction leads not scipley.

Word of advice just block and ignore the trolls as they thrive on the attention even when it’s mostly negative.