Suspect hacker in Limestone

I ask for a verification in that profile since in the printscreen below he quotes about a purchase of a legendary comment seems suspicious so I ask for a verification on that account in question thank you @kalishane @kalishane @kalishane!

Nickname: haki
Region: Limestone
Faction: Walkers Alliance the top 1

I don’t speak Spanish, but I can presume the guy was mentioning to buy Jeremiah.
It was for sale via official channels long time ago for a price around 100-120€/$

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Portuguese, my friend. Brazillian portuguese. And yes, he did mention purchasing a Jeremiah. Yoshi is asking if someone borrowed him money to get Jeremiah, and that’s as far as it goes for now.

By the way, if just a suspect for hacking, you should have some proof that he actually did hack. If not, then don’t bother alerting the support at least until you can prove he exploited or hacked.


Yes… it’s time to tidy up Limestone again :wink: a lot of work is waiting for you

I’m haki :stuck_out_tongue:
special offer 1-21E (If im not mistaken)

next! XD



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