Survuval Road Energy Refills

Guys can any one say how to get aurvuval road energy refills. Thete are so many f2p who cannot get survival energy is tgere any way to get tgem or only p2p can can get them

  1. Coins
  2. Level ups and raid tournament milestones (when there are no other rewards like batteries, tokens etc)
  3. Pay
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Theres been tons given in milestones recently, also a few maps they ran for awhile had 1 in them. I managed to save quite a few by doing as much free energy aa possible and not trying to complete the 24 hour ones that were solos.

Coins from tap joy/ads and buy the best value offers.

Free Videos use these to get raid refills and survival.Never waste them on character pulls. Just improve what you have.

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