Survivours Club - cancel = no Andrea?

Hey, just looking to validate it. Cancelling subscription means your Andrea will disappear? Thats what happened to my fac mate. Pls comment and ty.

Lol.Nope.Its bug probobly

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Yeah you only cannot level her and she will be stuck at 5* forever unless something changes in the future

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^^ this…its the same if you have her at 5* t2 or not at all :wink:

No you get to keep her no matter what. If you want to max her out you will have to stay a member for an undisclosed amount of time.

One month’s subscription should earn you enough comics to get her to a 6-star ( 30 required) so at least she could be semi-usable.

If 2 months can get you to T3 then for $50 bucks it’s not a complete rip-off considering you can spend $100 and get nothing but 40 4-stars.

Wait for people to show the exact number of comics required before deciding if you feel it’s worth the cost because you know Scopley won’t or can’t be bothered to share this info with us. :smirk:

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So far its 30 comics to t4 5* version and 54 comics to t4 the 6*(if they dont change amount that is currently in beta for 6* :man_shrugging: )…so it will require 3 and a half months if you are totally unlucky but most likely it can be done in 3 months, so 75$ will be needed to max her

What? 3 months till she is usable? Seriously is that correct counting? Damn …

All that fake hype for a ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’‘free’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’ shield. Always the same BS :slight_smile:


She is the new and improved prestige Michonne

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Why not sell her for $75 and get it over with, she will join the ranks of prestige michone were no one will use her.


It was free…

If you genuinely thought Scopely would give free access to a 6★ human shield, you’re a few pennies short of a pound


She’s usable well before 6*T4 in new regions.


Never a free lunch (unless it’s a screw up… like a mid range one, that’s hard to fix)


In New regions… You see where that’s the problem… There’s a lot more “seasoned” regions that will have to pay for 3 months at least to even start using her

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She will be superseded before she is useful so sc is not worth it

Superseded by what exactly? Everyone goes around claiming she’ll be old news in a few months time, but Human Shield is still one of (if not the) most powerful specialist skills. Andrea can wield all the stun resist mods and an absolute defence weapon.

Is she the best shield around? Probably not. But she’ll do the job if used properly

(N.b. for clarity, I’ve already cancelled my subscription - but not because of any fears Andrea will be superseded)


I agree a yellow shield is one of the more pain in the arse ones, because of stun resist / abs def.

Ladygeeks hi do you know what’s happening to players who signed up for Survivor club and didn’t get anything ? i’m in Australia :australia: where it costs nearly $40 and my money will get taken out of my bank account soon but i’ve had no free trial start to see what it like yet ? thanks you’re awesome !
Cheers Carts Leader Enigma in Bartow !

Cancel your subscription so the money doesn’t come out! Whether you’ve received Andrea or not. I’m also an Aussie and I have all the SC features, but I cancelled so I don’t get charged. $37.99 a month is a rip off.


i just did it’s not worth 37:99 in Australia :australia: currency thanks ScreamQueen!