Survivors from roadmaps


For the amount of energy we use on roadmaps, it would be nice to get the correct amount of survivors from them.

You fixed world to give more survivors for the amount of energy we use. Especially since a lot of us are short on world cans. World cans are hardly on sale without all the other crap that I either don’t want or can make myself.

Please make this happen :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


This was adjusted not too long ago. Human stages give more survivors per energy than walker stages. Try some human stages.

Edit: Ok, I just noticed you said roadmaps. I still don’t think it’s the ‘wrong’ number. Human stages give more survivors than zombie stages, and most of the roadmaps are zombie stages.


The most survivors I’ve gotten from rm is 6, doing the gear map on Tuesday. For 16 energy, sometimes I only get 2 survivors, no toons, and that’s with 2 large drop leads

Tell me what I’m doing wrong or prove to me that the adjustment was for roadmaps as well. :smiley:


I’m not talking about the daily maps like gear or xp, it’s all the other maps.


I always thought drops from all roadmaps are pretty poor and I hardly ever get any sort of decent number of survivors from them either


I would like the survivor rate to be adjusted on roadmaps as well. On Thursdays I’m lucky if I walk away with 20 for finishing the Weapons parts maps, and they require up to 24 E per stage. Would be great if roadmaps yielded the same amount of survivors as world maps with similar energy cost.


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