Survivors Found Territory is a FRAUD


While farming the 0 nrg map I was getting either 6 or 8 survivors from stage 7 virtually every time, except when multiple toons dropped. Now after capturing the Hospital Territory, which is supposed to give 20% extra survivors, I am getting 7 +1 bonus or 5 +1 bonus. So no bonus is actually given from this territory, it just reformats it to look like a bonus is actually given. Good job team!


It’s not a fraud, it’s bad luck


PDo an actual written list of results for a large sample size and I’m sure you’ll find that it works. Confirmation bias is a thing and it gets people all the time


Well after farming this map ever since it was available I was never given more than 8 from stage 7, now with the territory I am getting the exact same outcome just with a different look.

When I start getting 9 survivors per run I will remove the post and say I was wrong.


So I have done about 45-50 runs so far since the original post, I have yet to get any more than the 7+1 on any run. So how many more runs do I need to do to show that this “bonus 20%” does not work?


I don’t think you’re understanding what I’m meaning. If you run it 100 times each way and log the results, you’ll find each way provides an average. The average with, will be higher than the average without, by roughly 20%. Having none over 8 doesn’t mean the average isn’t higher, after all a larger percentage of 8’s will raise that average.


I know how averages work, I am saying out of sample size of around 50 I have yet to receive anymore survivors than I was receiving without the territory. Why don’t you have your faction capture the same territory and run the map 100 times on the same stage and we will compare notes.


Have you recorded your results? You’re looking for an outlier, specifically being 9. We are currently holding both crit success, both XP, and both world energy, otherwise I’d have us help


8 x 20% = 1.6

1.6 + 8 = 9.6

Giving Scopely the benefit of the doubt I am rounding down and only expecting a total 9 survivors if it were truly giving a bonus. Not just a visual “bonus” that makes it look like its giving 1 extra, when in reality it is giving the same amount with or without the territory.


Thanks for the input ScopeTards.


Did you ever log your results and find out if the average was higher or not?


Yes and it never got over 8 survivors, with or without the territory. When toons drop it goes down.

No toons drop - 8 survivors
1 toon drops - 6 survivors
2 toons - 4 survivors.
3 toons - 2 survivors

Those are the only results I ever got.


What results did you come up with? You’ve had a week.


I haven’t had a chance to run it and keep a tally on the 0 energy map, it got released at 11 my time and I’m at work. Toon drops always lower survivor drops. I wasn’t sure if you had ran the map ____ times with and without, then gotten an actual average.


I have nearly 17K red plastic parts between both maps, so lets say I average 25 parts per run, that is ~680 runs total and probably a good 150-200 were with the territory. I never received any bonus survivors to drop. I realize that the amount of survivors goes down with toon drops. I was just giving you my results since you don’t seem to be comprehending what I am saying.


I am comprehending you just fine, you seem to be focused on seeing the number 9. Bringing up the average doesn’t have to be accomplished by bringing up the top, bringing up the bottom accomplished the same. That is my point and why I keep talking about averages


Can you understand that 7+1=8? That is what shows up with the territory “bonus”.
Without the “bonus” you get just 8. Do you see that those are both 8?

If you got a $100 bonus at work but your wages were cut by $100 at the same time. Would you really be getting a bonus?

Definition of bonus

:something in addition to what is expected or strictly due


On world maps, it works just fine. I believe someone brought up the issue of survivors being reformatted for daily gear roadmaps. Chances are because there is a 100% set amount that can be given for such special roadmaps. @kalishane @Dash

Given the amount of times that players will be farming these roadmaps, 20% or 40% bonus can net 1-3 extra survivors per run based on character drops. As such, those numbers stack up when hundreds of runs are being done constantly.

Similar example is how a drop leader or drop bonus territory has no effect on daily gear maps, as you’re always going to get 7 pieces of gear, mixed of either shirts or gloves. But at the same time, it’s inconsistent as EXP territories give bonuses for EXP roadmaps.


All I really see going on here is scaryperry doesn’t understand averages or percentages, people are trying to be nice and explain it to him, and he is losing his cool and wants to be condescending. I would have just gave up by now because he is going to argue with anyone that tries to give him a response. Let the staff take care of it.


If you select the territory on the map and zoom in the bonus is to affect EVERYWHERE.