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If you sign up for SC now can you actually earn zach?

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Not unless they extend the timer…

As Ricky says not a chance in 40 days

What if I have ten radios saved up

You need to be a member to use the radios?

No if you are a new member signing up now, Zach is not achievable.

In times passed, they did give out (during toon julie roll out) a loyalty reward which gave extra comics and league tokens to those who had been subscribed since roll out. This helped toward the purchase of Julie (she cost comics to purchase from museum). However, many were strapped on comics due to leveling andrea (with comics) so most had to wait several weeks.

The break down for all SC new subscribers (again without any additional comic rewards) during the event timer is this:

Weekly missions (free) for a figurine which after 4 can be traded in for comics = 14

Weekly sc mission maps with radio (at max comics -12×6 weeks) = 72 comics

Weekly mission for snorkel, dinosaur, axe, crown = 60 comics

Total comics is = 146

So unless someone is sitting on the remainder of comics needed. Quite pointless tbh

Edit I would like to clearly state here the possibility of getting max comics from any of the radio road maps is very minimal. Had been an SC subscriber since day 1 until #PlayersUnited and never once received 12 comics.


Not quite, another half baked theory.

Yes, you can use all collected radios even if you are not subscriber. Although, if people were smart, they really wouldn’t be advertising that here. If you catch what I’m saying…

If it was that big of a deal they would just change it from radios to something else, especially for newer more op toons… oops. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: surely scopely isn’t the type of company to do such a thing right? Lmaoooo :joy:

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Grind those radios before they shut it down is all I’m saying

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Yeah that would be ideal, but I don’t really care at this point.

I have seen it time and time again, anything free and op the “glitch” gets fixed immediately and usually over some forum post.

So true @LoorLegend and I did the numbers. If you get perfect rolls and get 12 comics it’s possible if you have a back stock. But getting 12 comics weekly is an impossibility. Never seen anyone get more then 10. I never got more then 9. Had a few in my fac that rarely got anything more then the 6 minimum.

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