Survivors Club, Worth it? Need Improving? 1Month Test Subscription

I will be, thanks to a generous donation late last year, running a 1month subscription to Survivors Club to test out the functions and see how good value it has. I will, most likely, be doing feedback videos on a weekly basis showing what I go out of it as well as an overall breakdown at the end.

I feel that Survivors Club has always had the potential to be one of the best things in the game but from the get go I have always felt it was massively underwhelming. I like to test things out to be fully informed though, so I am happy to run through this for a month.

Happy to take input from other subscribers past or present though in terms of their feelings towards Survivors Club

Are you CURRENTLY an SC Subscriber?

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image Yes I did vote no but am a member, but not for much longer😔


I was a member for several months, I did the trial then started up again when they were giving out gear and trainers every week. Even that they screwed up and I had to fight with support to get the items :roll_eyes:

I enjoyed the bigger roster size and faster food production but that alone wasn’t anywhere near worth keeping it going so I cancelled. I kept hoping for something better and it never happened.

There definitely aren’t enough perks to being in the club and with this latest debacle of giving members glasses they can’t use unless they spend more money I’m surprised there are any members left.


Don’t worry about those collections, you can’t complete the last one as per support it’s intended you can’t finish it lmao, 7 comics a week pretty much the best your get to

I started the subscription when it first came out and held on to it until June when I stopped what little spending I did altogether. The main reason I kept the subscription as long as I did was for the roster space. But as my roster reached that capacity I saw no reason to be spending on it since it didn’t serve me any good.

This subscription could possibly be worthwhile with a huge overhaul and with actual benefits. I just don’t see it.

This is so funny


i resigned

I quit, money for nothing and not even chicks for free


Quills are per segment for sc


If they made it cheaper or have it where you can decide what you want then I’ll get it


Faaaarrr from worth it for me fr fr

Wasn’t even worth it durin the trial period which i availed last week loooool what a dumb joke :man_shrugging:

With the 5* weapon era I think the no parts use for crafting weapons is a good benefit. Also I voted no because the price is way too expensive for my country currency, so, not interesting for me.

You’d be better off throwing your money away. There’s about as much value in SC as there is repeatedly having your groin stomped on.

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Joined back up and pulled this on the 3rd day! So far it’s paid for itself.image|690x318

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Any suggestions on mods for Minerva?

I do not think survivors club is worth the money. I had it for a little while when it started and quickly gave it up. I look at it like I can get Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu cheaper a month.


I am but haven’t received anything good in over a month with usual daily pull. Ratio was at least once a month I would get a legendary and once a week a 5 star but the last month I have only pulled 4 star. About to give up.

Lol I’ve had it a long time never pulled a premiere but I guess I enjoy the disappointment as I keep going.

The current bonuses the sub gives worth like 2-5$ max that i would pay. Thats what other games asking usually btw. First few months was ok but now they dont care to update it and with s class era its worthless.

Right now with the new armory upgrade it’s saving me on parts but that’s it’s only main value I see currently. It was much better when there were weekly log in rewards for being a member things like that need to return.