Survivors club, what's the use?

Hello @GR.Scopely,

No more interesting things for the members of survival club… Do you know if we’ll get a new advantage soon? Because if nothing happens soon, with lots of players, we’ll cancel our membership. I really feel I waste 25€…
Thank you in advance if you have a time to answer me.


Haven’t you seen the sc only offer? Something stupid like £20 for a few trainers… Thats what we get. Access to more ridiculous offers

Even I’m toying with dumping Sc and that’s a thing

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What’s the Use? Why to line their pockets even further while game continues to get shitter daily, of course :rofl::rofl:

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What was your incentive to sign up in the first place? Just curious. Never seemed worth it.

My problem is I have 900 toons in my roster, all trainers or 5* upwards so without it I’m stuffed, but scopes know this

Here is 100 reais in my region its too high price

They really should make it cheaper.

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