Survivors Club Video


The monthly pass has gone through some plastic surgery and now places survivors in a Survivors Club. Lets take a look at some of the benefits we get and break them down.


i ain’t surviving any longer.
i’m bout to get my life back.



Time to find something else to play. Oooh, what’s this? Star Trek? Can’t see what could go wrong there.
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An ascendable fast Andrea — Shield + Leader (rainbow 30HP +VLarge Att AP)

for $25

This is likely the free shield JPs been talking about

… for $25
(where’s that waterskiing fonzie pic again)


Does anyone know if this is replacing the current monthly pass?


you will have to pay the monthly pass and the survivors club fee to get the free human shield for free 5$ only.


your money is well invested in this club!



For Beta only?


Obliviously a scopely spokesman smh it’s cost way way to much


I very much doubt it and you know u will need coins for fills and everything else for war and events to stay active so tack on another 8.99 plus tax that’s if u have bin buying it and an additional dollar after that if not which if bought is already 108 plus tax a year


Wow just wow. So now characters are gonna have specialist and leader skills? Or just this bait for 1 character?

More wasted direction on money oriented content. I must say they are really trying to push players away.


I agree that it is too much. The only thing useful here is Andrea and I am betting it will take a year to max her, i aint about that life anymore.