Survivors Club Subscription Discussion

Hi everyone, I’m baffled how we got here…S-class, 5*weapons, armory tokens, repackaged events…

I’d like to get the pros and cons from anyone on Survivors Club …

Is it really worth it…or has its value plummeted?

it has plummeted big time, we had 2 weeks with no comic collections, they have removed the cherries slot in the museum for the comic collection to repeat after you have completed it

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yeah i’ve cancelled mine, just no point in having it currently, most games have membership like this that is great value, this on the other hand is not at all and is getting worse.

I also canceled my survival club subscription, they do not respect subscribers come with junk promotion and are making hours with our guys.

Definitely not worth it.
Only 2 SC exclusive toons.
Daily so called “free” but actually not free pulls are a joke.
The daily 4 gold bars are nowhere to be found.
The parts needed for crafting weapon upgrades anyone can get for free.
So IMHO its is definitely not worth it
Do not waist $25/month on this money grab.

And dont forget, depending on which wheel you pull from you could end up with a handful of cakes or a 5* part for your daily pull… Yay lol

Let them eat cake
No rice let them eat meat

I have had SC for possibly 8 months if not longer …

During that time, rough estimation 308= 240 Pulls … 1 Duplicate Red Sandy Decap (ascendable but 5)
0 - 6*
3 - 5*
Rest all 4*

Which Bucket do i belong to

I personally bought SC in the beginning for Julie and ALOT of people posting Sc pulls of promos

I later cancelled after 3.5 months due to 0 toons in pulls and nigh on getting 2 comics in each bag all the way up to that point … Seriously felt the account was doomed.

I later re-added SC for S-class items but even then that’s waned.

Personally speaking i run 2 accounts, (no cheating, both are in different regions) it can get busy playing but it has got very boring playing the same repeated events and not really making a dent in progression.

Memberships like this should be an extension of fun added to the game but its really not anymore.


Benefit of cancelling: $25 more to spend on worthwhile things in real life.


And answered to me thats no collection N 7

Hello everyone,

Let me check with the guys what’s in the pipe regarding the future of SC and circle back to you.


Please do GR
That would be greatly appreciated
Finally something I couldn’t bash scopley on
Great job GR

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@GR.Scopely getting stuff done.


You have to claim the gold radio then play the map to get the bars

Stop paying for junk.

Make them
Lose revenue and it may have an effect.

It feel an awful like being punished for nothing

But look if you are a SC you can buy 2 for 19.99
If not you can buy 1200 plus 4200 tokens for 9.99
That’s the survivors club special discount

Sc has really gone down hill, toons for comics are not in the current meta anymore it’s a small reward now for a large outlay imo

And I had over 30 comic bags saved and have slowly been opening for the side missions
And guess what the numbers have been since the side missions started.
Yep that’s right 2 for everyone I have been opening
Before the start of the side missions I would regularly get 3 and occasionally get 4
But now only 2
And I know I am not the only one
So dont piss down my back and tell me it’s raining
Because the code has been altered recently

It can be even worse. I did a pull from the new epic weapon cache wheel and ended up with maple leaves for the new event-which will undoubtedly be pay to complete only so I really don’t even want those at all.