Survivors club skeptics

My 5th 5* this month from daily pulls


2nd month and all 4* shit


I got 3 5stars non ascendable and 1 6 star clementine in 2 months worth. An 2x comics every single time. NOT worth it


That red clem is beast, solo handles whole other team. Wish I pull one tonight, would share here just for sake :slight_smile:

“Lucky” Accounts will always be “lucky” i guess


2x comics almost every time
1 five star all the rest useless 4 stars
no weekly rewards … yes yes yes i tried support what a joke they are
complete bullshit not worth the money
i was 2 months member

There’s always going to be sceptics in this game because not everyone has the same archetype in their game with pulls.

I’ve been playing solid for 3 years and i have had only 1 WTF moment and that was a tapjoy free single pull on jesus shield when he first come out … problem was my foolhardy addiction lead me to believe i could get a 2nd one and pulled 4-5 more 40 pulls and got nothing else good. (I was on holiday in spain also so it made me feel like location played a part too)

I see a lot of players in my faction who normally are lucky with promo pulls on the SC membership and are also getting very good pulls too … im still a sceptic for what i think would be my luck in the game

just done 9 pulls on 2 of my accounts in flash sale, both had the same pulls, 7 trainers and 2 ascend medals,

Dont know if ur being serious but lucky accounts do exist. Ive seen multiple people have hella good luck over and over again in my faction for over a year. Right at the point of me throwing in the towel i single pull alice. Literally my best pull in over a year or so.

Probably a last ditch effort to keep me by scopley. Been f2p those rng wheels either fuk u or help u.:joy:

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very serious, i seen the same people get all the toons, 10 pulls etc

a friend of mine who quit a year or so ago said every time she done a 40 she ALWAYS got a 5*, she used to get pissed because sometimes it wasnt the promo but she would get them on the 2nd 10 or 40 pull everytime, she didnt realise that you could do a 40 pull and only get 3* for a long while


Oh im not ever using my free coins on that wheel again. Im only gonna focus on utilizing f2p wheel toons ( if i even get something good). Even though i dont spend i will buy a good toon offer if its worth it like that louis offer i think it was good,shame i missed that 50 dollar Madison. Also side note ive i still haven’t pulled alpha from 5* toks and ive done well over 50 pulls on tht wheel.

The rewards have dates on them prob USA times if not sub by then you don’t get them.

I pulled 6* sophia a few months ago with a daily pull but that’s about it.

The SC has been working fine for me. typically around 9-10 comics each week and my andrea may be T4 by the time i have to renew it. Only two 5* from the daily pulls so far but at least it’s some level up fodder. Weekly gifts have been working fine for me too, Overall i cant complain. Oh and being able to just go in the armory and craft without crafting the missing parts is a great feature.

I will still be cancelling after i get enouigh comics to T4 andrea - unless they give out a decap…

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Actually, if they ever do give out a decap, we can always re sub.

My usual numbers are 7 comics a week. Once did 6 and once did 8 so I guess 7 is my average.

I have subbed since the beginning. Have pulled the following legendaries:
Yumiko 5* (yellow with confounding)
Aiko 6*
Jessie 5*
Harper 6*

The rest have mainly been 4*. There were a couple of 5* but they were mainly fodder (dupes of 5* that I already have)

After Andrea is T4ed I am done with SC for now.

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yeah, rejoining wont be an issue. i envy your harper from that one pull :slight_smile:

I pulled a dante…rest have been meh

I got a Lester and 24 4*. Guess you shouldn’t expect your luck to change if you’re pulling cold beforehand

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