Survivors club seriously needs a revamp

As a customer of survivors club i seriously think this needs a revamp/upgrade. You pay for this service, and every damn day you pull stupid cakes between 12 and 25 of them or a stupid 4 star. About to cancel my subscription. Been a customer and never even received a 5 star ascendable or a 6 star. Scopely what’s up with that.


Do it. The won’t listen until you do


Somebody was supposed to get back to us about this or something, maybe they addressed it in the secret line group though, who knows?

I can’t even get cakes…just 4*

But you get twice as many missions/rewards from current event! Oh, you can’t actually do anything with these missions because you have zero access to green leaves? Yeah… looks like SC is a huge ripoff after all…


Obligatory “I’m gonna cancel post” number 7,365 of the year

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You win a lifetime supply of 0 hoots given by Scopely

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A friend of mine got tilted and cancelled the sub, month later something happened and playstore didnt stop it, he got free month. But thats once a thousand moon tales…

i also think people underestimate how many are actualy subscribed…its a damn lot more that you realize…i was actualy shocked at some f2p in my faction are…and they always get the good shit

I pulled wangfu with my sr pick a week or two ago. Know your bucket

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Don’t let the F2P police see this. Maybe call them “almost F2P” or something?

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I am waiting to hear back from the team on this topic.

I’ve been saying this for some time, SC is totally forgotten/undervalued. Started off with Andrea, then Julie, then we had a wave of inadequate collections for our comics. 250 comics for 100 s class items. That’s a couple of months of comics, for less items than we can get from the match stick roadmap. Yes, we had Zack for a minute, after the first wave of players united, a great trick to get people to resubscribe cancelled memberships. But then it was nothing. S class items for 2 months of comics. A couple or barely useable characters, once good but not so much in our current meta. The daily ‘free pulls’ are equally underwhelming, a free 4* each day, wow. It’s isn’t unreasonable for people actually paying for something to be expecting some sort of return for their money. There’s no other subscription service in the world that takes a monthly fee and doesn’t actually offer a decent and current item in return. This isn’t even a reward, we’re literally paying to receive a particular service. It’s like paying monthly for a cable service, but not being sure you’ll actually be able to watch anything that month. There’s supposed to be a benefit in subscribing to something. It’s crazy, Scopely really needs to look at what they’re giving their paying customers here.


А чего вы плачетесь? 250монет*30 = 7500(это столько вы бы потратили на открытие персов). В итоге на на 70% дешевле чем покупали золото так. Плюс комиксы, плюс слитки, плюс дополнительные ивенты.

В итоге получается бешенная экономия…
Не нравится отпишитесь и играй так, совершая покупки только когда вам надо…

Why are you crying? 250 coins * 30 = 7500 (this is how much you would spend on opening the Persians). As a result, it is 70% cheaper than buying gold like that. Plus comics, plus ingots, plus additional events.

The result is a huge savings …
I don’t like it, unsubscribe and play this way, making purchases only when you need …

theyre not FTP then :stuck_out_tongue:


The thing with SC is you can’t stack pulls, they require you to do one daily. Thus you might be pulling for something you already have or don’t need spread across 4 different promos. So in reality while “technically” you’re getting 7500 coin value out of it, you’re actually not putting it towards what you want. What you said is basically the equivalent of “If they offer a deal with 20 basic tokens for $10 you’re saving 25%.” When in reality the offer is a joke. Don’t deny it, SC has been in a decline for a while now, ignored or put on the back burner. And as much as I hate to add to the toxic aura that is this forum posts like this with little to no sense annoys the hell out of me.


The biggest problem is you could get luck and get the whole car in one pull. Now you get lucky but only get a door.

lol…dont tell the f2p police ken…we have some that never spend a penny but subscribe and do ok from it

i like this…let the pulls stack. This would make it better…not great…but better.