Survivors club rewards?

Subscribed since day one of survivors club, have only received the benedicts, (after manual reward issued) the trainer medley, and the legendary gear medley… In game “support” is useless… They keep telling me its my fault. (Un-reliable service, check your offers) i have bern checking iffers every hour and have screenshots to orove how crappy your service really is…

…keep surviving

Yes, making even more threads will help.


Scopely developers useless like Survival Club…

Now that my Andrea shield is t3, I no longer feel the need to have the membership to get her to t4. She will be replaced or become incredibly irrelevant anyway. She is more worthy of f2p status than being a mebership exclusive that takes so long to get her t4 to the point where you realize she is irrelevant.

I just got my missing rewards just now

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same here … got my missing rewards today
thank you JB

Never got mine. Would have been nice. I mean they didn’t forget to take money out of my bank account for the subscription but they forgot about this… :thinking:

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