Survivors Club reward - 1,250 Prestige Points!

Wow!!! Thanks, Scopely! I know you were giving great weekly gear and Lilliths and god mods…you know…something that makes the members feel like they aren’t totally wasting their money…but THIS is the best!!!

If I stay a member for just another few years, I should get enough prestige points to eventually max out that 5 star, non-ascendable Michonne!,


Joke? Do I have to laugh?


While we are on the subject I’ve been chopping heads with my p13 katana for over a year?wheres the player loyalty rewards?!?


No, I did not know that…thanks for clearing that up for me…I was confused because it was literally called “survivors club reward”

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Don’t we have this every month…? Lol

No sure first time I’ve seen it

Screenshot_20190228-114317as of today

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i stoped buying sc waste of money

But didn’t you quit the game a few days ago?¿

i comeback sadly


I felt that…

Love prestige points… says every player that reached prestige 13 over a year ago…

are you a scopely employee? :joy:

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