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In a few hours we will be receiving another radio for Survivor’s Club. While I do understand that not everyone has Andrea to tier 4 yet and there are also benefits besides the comics to completing each stage, I was wondering if there is a plan here in the near future to utilize these extra comics we have and make a new SC toon to use them on. Obviously people have started the club at a different point, so I assume that the next toon would still need to utilize comics for that same reason. Keep thriving :smile:

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I have her maxed and three unopened SC bags.
So yeah some information on what comes next would be very helpful in the decision of whether to renew or not.

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hope all new toons uses books as going start mine soon.

Definitley read this. It is the comics I’m really inquiring about. If they won’t be utilized, would cancel until the announcement is made and then restart when the toon is released. Unless the comics have other value than supply depot points.

This was 6 days ago

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Nothing about the comics was mentioned from JB. Thanks for being captain obvious though when it comes to survival club member posts.

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Yeah I was sharing it as it’s the only comment from Scopely on the matter. So I would imagine when they make an announcement there would be an indication of whether they changed the materials or not.

Yes it was 6 days ago, point being? That’s the latest information we have.

Hopefully he will provide some info today :slight_smile:

Or they could add a separate roadmap so you could choose which comic you want

That would suck Jim people would have left over comics, for the players it’s best imo to keep them the same, 2 road maps would mean if you joined now you could get both toons which might upset some peeps lol

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I wish they would make an official announcement on a new toon arriving and answer whether it will use comics. By the amount asking you think they would care enough to answer their monthly pancake funds.

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Suppose I am saving the radios since no official announcement has been made. Even Survivor’s Club should have some strategy involved since we get a random number of comics every week.

It is about time we had something official, always last minute with no heads up :sob:

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