Survivors Club Question

With this new bug going on, should I get the free club now or wait?

Try reading the already established threads… plenty of info available on it.


Hang back and see what they do

Yeah seriously this question was never answered once

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Not the info if I should start the trial or not bud.

If you read, you would know that you can’t.

I think some people are getting locked out.

imho start it now. im enjoying every second of it.

Doesn’t answer my question. Should I get it now or not. I already know they will make it so the comic books will be required but since you need 999 right now should I do it.

:woman_facepalming:I give up. Go ahead and click on it and try to subscribe.

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Nice try helping but usually the incompetent get the helping. Nice try tho :grimacing:

It’s a free trial, why wouldn’t you do it?

The 999 required comics is just a placeholder until they figure out how to fix the mess they put themselves in.


So I will still be able to upgrade Andrea with comics AFTER my trial is over? And thanks

That’s a question that only Scopely can answer when they tell us what’s going to happen. Maybe Andrea will be upgradable using regular gear, maybe it will go back to using comics, maybe we’re getting rolled back anyways, maybe they will introduce a new OP char just for the club.

No one knows at this point.

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If you read their FAQs, it says they will carry over.

That’s in answer to the question above on League Tokens.

Are 5* weapons coming?

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Wait 5 days. Roadmap ends in 7. You can then overlap weeks assuming they don’t ramrod us up the anus which is most certainly garanteed.

Sounds like you know the answer …common sense. …wait til all the bs is over

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