Survivors club on amazon?

Is there no way to sign up for this for people who have the gave through the amazon app store instead of through google play?

Even before it went on hold there was never a way to get it via amazon.

It appears amazon users are still on the older version of the game

this is such crap… so the people who already bought her have her leveled…

@JB.Scopely Any ETA on the update for amazon users?

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I am an Amazon user too and would like to know when we will get update for the survivors club. Once the other faults are fixed of course. Thanks

You can get the Google Play Store on a Amazon device so you can at least get the latest version and get access to the Survivors Club.

I have it but when I installed TWD via it my account doesn’t come up. I’m not sure how to get it on the right account and not a new account.

We need to wait for game update from Amazon Appstore.

I’m trying to switch to the google play version but haven’t had any luck. It seems to have thrown and locked me to a new account, even logging in via facebook doesn’t work. Anyone know?

Just found the update in Amazon store guys

i dont see it :confused:

It didn’t show on the update list. Had to go to the game’s own page before it showed

There is an Update nur cant start survivors club

I still don’t see any update. Anyone else see what @sourgirl saw?

@JB.Scopely Any info on an update for amazon users?

Support should be able to help you.

Sourgirl is right. I also saw the update in the amazon app store in the game page. Kind of sucks to take the extra steps but it worked for me.

Still won’t let me but it though

Even sideloaded app stor doesn’t have current version.bis the raw apk available?