Survivors club museum collection change needed

The survivors club seemed interesting when it started out. Collect the comics to collect, then level up, exclusive characters. First Andrea, then Julie. It got really good then, when we could actually get Zach, if we had enough comics. And then what? Nothing.
We started getting these stupid collections, 250 s class items for 100 comics. If someone’s lucky enough to collect the max comics of 12, each week, that’s still 2 months of comics for just 250 items. Or, you can collect an old ascendable 5*. Which might have been nice once, but now we have S class.

For this so called exclusive, paid for subscription, the comic currency is pretty hugely undervalued. It’s literally the only ‘currency’ we can’t buy elsewhere, outside SC. So why aren’t we given something more worthwhile for our subscription? And you guys wonder why people don’t want to spend anymore?


Diago is currently in the museum as we speak for only 50 comics. You’re not going to get much better than that.

And by completing the weekly missions and other collections you can earn many more than 12 per week.


No, I know Diego’s there, but Zach was better. Diego is also currently on the war wheel. We should be getting better than that

Agree the s class collections need to be better. I guess they figure the people who are in sc will stay no matter what and the people not in wont no matter what.


I agree I missed zac and Diego is good but it seems like it’s going backwards in the meta and the price for the sclass items is ridiculous you can’t spend theses comics on anything else

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Max is 12 a week if you’re lucky really lucky and it takes a month to complete the weekly mission stuff in the museum for more comics

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If you get 12 go buy a powerball ticket be happy when you get 9.

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Probably some of us will, but they’d have a ton more subscribers if they gave a desirable character we could try to save for.

Lmao exactly!! 12 is the max, but how often does that happen!

Harrison tho ftw

7 comics a week is more of the norm


Yup. So it takes months to be able to save up for stuff, yet Scopely still don’t feel it’s worth giving us anything of reasonable value. It’s not even like we’re asking for free stuff here, we literally pay for this

Throw a doc Stevens in and I bet the subscribers would sky rocket hell I’d pay 160 comics for him

Zach was total bait!

Who will tell me that it wasn’t the most clever move by Scopely regarding SC.

They put him in museum at an unachievable amount of comics saved by most players because they had spent them on Julie and Andrea.

But everyone seen him there and of course thought that maybe he would return or even someone better, just needed to save comics, so join SC. Many don’t want to be caught unprepared again on not having enough comics when he comes back or someone similar is put in there.

Definitely got me waiting every week to get chance to get someone like him.

Oh and yes Diego there but he is in war wheel too, why waste comics on one of the four toons?

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Soon when most will have laopo or Priya doc Steven’s & raven will be garbage (he can’t use active if u daze him) and there’s no anti daze mods

I can tell you why I cheaped out on a level up before last crw and didnt get priya thinking I’d be ok. Then first war all 8 had pete leads and I slogged thru all weekend at slow pace. Relying on rng from a wheel that we wont have odds could be disheartening. Even if they 25% your whole faction could get diego and you get 3 Mike’s. If he helps your team now I’d buy him instead of suffering and then get crapped on by wheel.

Daze mods are coming and not everyone has priya or laopo but I get what you’re saying

We should get like a SC exclusive Alert toon.

There are ways to get more than 12 comics a week lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It was a smart move, but a smarter move would have been to keep that rolling. Every 8 weeks, or whatever it is, include a great character people actually want. They’d have subscribers sticking around month after month