Survivors Club Julie


Garbage toon.

Terrible composition of stats, bound weapon etc. for a decap. And just like Andrea she is terribly outdated before anyone even gets close to maxing her.


What they could’ve done with her was to put maim on her weapon so her ar becomes more sensible of the low damage. 100% chance to deal x amount of maim when enemies health is over 50% then pop her ar


The buy-in is a terrible idea. You get charged 25 bucks just to pick up the toon. I’m not a member of SC and I don’t plan to join because there’s not much incentive for me. I’m not gonna pay an extra month only to stare at Julie in the museum.

And then it’ll take another what, 4-5 months to max her out??? No thanks. They could’ve added the monthly pass to SC, she could’ve been a disarm, she could’ve been a yellow decap instead, they could’ve made her 66ap but nah.


Again il say just like Andrea this toon is not made for veteran of this game it for new players. For a player starting out if this is your 1st 6star you can see what there going for but sadly for most of us not worth the cost or effort.

Costing comics to get the toon dear god well then it should have been x mount for 5star or x amount for 6star version. Or just the 6star version tbh.
Releasing a toon for the current meta that you can’t use for 3-4 months is just dumb/scopley.

The toon itself isn’t bad but again 4 months is to long to wait.


Totally my thoughts on it. Seen the same, can catch u of guard. Considering all the red attack teams now with Alice and sandy.
If this was a 40pull loot box toon or event toon you’d have seen them in teams while raiding today.


Charging an additional 25 comics on top of the comics to level her is an amazingly bad idea.

Andrea was “free” in comparison.


So she cost 25 comics to get her and more more more more to upgrading her??? , I thought just only at the first but the rest is normal gear…?


Nope. Needs comics like drea.


Thanks, no reason to join this awful club for sure


I think she’s an amazing toon and I’m happy that I didn’t T4 my andrea yet, TBH. 6* Julie, here I come.

As an aside, every single toon they’ve released since Alice has been panned on the forums. You guys ignored Tobin, dissed Mr T, and don’t see the use of Julie as a Swiss Army Knife slugger that does a bit of everything. Every toon that comes out can’t be perfect or the whale gap would just continue to grow exponentially and then everybody would cry about that.

I say that Julie is a nice toon and that my Mercer is going to take my nearly unhittable defense to the next level. Enjoy it in CRW. :grin:


I personally don’t think she’s bad. It’s the amount of time needed to make her useful is the problem i see. By the time she’s useful she may be obsolete or the meta has already shifted.

It took months to level drea. Julie will take the same amount of time plus the 25 comic requirement they added on top.


I don’t really get your point. If I was a whale and had the last batch of super strong premiers, I wouldn’t settle for weaker cards. If you have a 1-size-fits-all R3 auto-team you will yawn and scratch your head looking at these cards.

The gap is in place already, that won’t change with weaker cards coming out, when you just can hold onto the stronger cards. Also it won’t grow exponentially, because we are still limited to 5 toons per team.

They put themselves in that same corner we saw before releasing 6* into the wild.

Regarding Mercer… I’ve seen some in place already. Wasn’t overwhelming. There is no DEF that holds up in this ATT-meta. The cookie-cutter teams will eat him alive I’d say.


I like her design and I like the rush (to an extent). That’s about all.
Besides that, the weapon is kind of confusing due to the defensive double attack that’ll do less damage as a result compared to a steroids demon like Tyreese.
Bunch of resist mods out there will most likely either deny confuse/Heal Reduction or someone will recover it (like Shane or whoever else can recover confuse).
I see her as a waste of time and money.


That mindset that there is no defense that holds up is proven wrong every war for me. Sure, I won’t be defending against AP, but against those close to or below my faction’s level (majority of wars), I won’t have to repair once. It’s been that way for me 6 months. Sure, nothing stops the most elite players, but most of us are not the most elite players.

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