Survivors Club Julie


You’d be surprised how many Tyreeses were on defense teams when he came out, and if modded correctly a defense decap could be deadly, plus why would a defense decap not make sense lol, people use revives on offense


I have a hard time remembering a attack toon being outdated. Like ever. Anyone else?


u dont ignore confuse resist mods. you silly


very true. but his stats were still leaning towards being an attacker. Julie can be good too just stack even more def/hp i’d imagine she would be a pain


Do you not have imagination? It’s a attacking toon pretending to be a defensive toon.

If I was making a defense those are the type that make it high up on the list.

Revive and a shield can take a seat.


Yea, while the cost may be worth more than the reward, Julie is a very usable strategic toon and I can appreciate that Scopley is at least trying for strategy


She’s ok, just not my cup of poop.


Lol two girls and a cup?


I respectfully pass



Will be 2 months before she’s fully usable and she doesn’t have much usability right now. This imo is a big miss.


All of you arguing resist mods make me lol. This literally can be used as an arguement for any toon just about. X toon stuns 5 for 3 turns but resist mods…its more about how well the toon will work as a whole with a good support team. We could say that impair and defense down makes Diegos rush irrelevant too…i don’t understand some of the comments made half the time on here


Seriously she won’t fit in maybe in the upper level of teams with 20% ap and huge ap etc?


You have to either kill or control to a level sufficient to extend the battle. Imo she really won’t do much.

Give 20% Ap, she reduces her killing potential and largely just becomes a weak decap.

Keep her weapon,
She’s basically a copy of Pam.

Aaaaaannmnnddd we can’t use her yet. Lol
OK today = obsolete tomorrow.


Cool nice to get a 2nd view point… i want to know what where they thinking with her weapon looks fucked up. 30 def on a decapitate?


Defense team decap toon. Kind of a Alice counter or possibly that rick and upcoming ascendable Hersh counter.

I just don’t see it at this point in the game.


Which is the set back of sc…they look good today but when useable they arent current anymore. Having it take months and cost so much makes it unappealing. I think the 1st go around they got alot with free week and the idea of any shield for the unlucky. They did a decap hoping to grab small spenders who still lack that area.
Huge mistake making her cost 25 comics and being a 5* with same cost as andrea. They just dont see the benifit of having toons that are current and keeping players competitive. Even whales may not continue sc because those are the ones with 3 or 4 decaps already. This isnt ideal for someone without decap tbh trust me when i say this by time shes maxed decaps wont he a huge part of offense


Yeah would be better to have us droolling over it just to find out by time you get the toon they are just… Meh (#SCAndrea)


Ill admit i signed up during the weeks they gave gear ect and my sc is up on the 18th. I wont renew it. In the past 3 weeks I’ve pulled 1 5* on daily pulls non ascendable and had enough comics to t2 to andrea as a 6* or get julie and upgrade a few tiers. But either way neither will help me offensively or defensively so no reason to continue. I knew the next toon would require comics to level(or something ) but honestly had hoped they would make it like leagues and only t3 and 4 would need specail gear. Who wants to have to pay for a month for a toon and then potentially another 3-5 to max and use. This toon could be amazing but we don’t even know if the game will be here in 5 months


my comment was a reply to someone above comment where he was compairing Julia with 5* era priya .


No it was a comment to ricky said about her having a 20% weapon nothing about priya