Survivors Club Julie


I think she’s a great character. Decap is always nice, her active means you can still maim and maybe even kill someone when impaired, and her AR could potentially mean kill 2 people then confuse the other 2. Her special on her weapon for double attack is typical on a attack damage AR (Dwight, decap Sandy). You’ll have to mod her weapon but that’s pretty typical of any bound weapon.

But…is she worth the SC price? Probably not, especially after we had a character with both a lead and specialist skill, who was real unique. Julie is too ‘typical’.


I’m passing as well just seeing the use…


Not renewing…


You sucks


If everything is fine you get 35% attack and huge ap on her. Sandy hits harder (both her AR damage and attack stat are higher) and you can get 40% attack and huge ap.


25 Catalogues to get get (5 weeks) and then 4 months to upgrade her - will pass.


remind me of my failures :joy::joy: that’s why I said something like…


Lol got lucky with her and obtained 40%att huge ap first try


Shes not bad, I’d be very happy to get her for a reward or a month long event thing. But remember, she is basically a $125 purchase, on a 4 month installment plan, so judge for yourself based on that.

However, survival club is still a TERRIBLE deal.

Its pathetic… they launched it in October, and over almost 6 months later they come up with ‘improvements’ of another character, and even more roster space.

They could have added special gear maps for SC members, they could have removed mod equip costs for SC members, a million things… but they aren’t event trying anymore.

Its a pittance, and even then don’t think the roster space is done to improve value. The sick twits in charge actually see it as a mechanism to lock people into staying subbed once they fill up and get used to the extra space. To unsub you’ll have to burn a ton of trainers or whatever you save up while subbed and can hold.



Glad i canceled my subscription when i maxed andrea out. No way im gonna subscribe again for this awful toon. I was really hoping they release a toon to fight the current meta. Not a toon to fight the meta of Erika teams that we had a year ago lol
Not worth it on attack for top players and for defense she could be useful if she didnt have a weapon equipped to her that way she could hold a 20% ap gun but the way she stands no thanks


Players saying tyrese is better have lost their mind… just saying. She’s not what I would call game breaking and most likely not worth the subscribe but my goodness, don’t ignore confuse and heal reduction to three for two turns. Tyrese doesn’t nothin else besides attack a line. Silly really.


You need 139 comics to max her, this in it’s self make’s any normal person dismiss her, so at 6 comics a week that’s errr geez omg wow erm Christ fook me a lot (24 weeks :wink:) seriously that’s a I’m sorry I need to swear nearly 6 ■■■■■■■ months


^^ and that’s the problem right there, by the time she is ready, she will be outdated like andrea was. it’s just a bad reward model scopely…


I’m seeing a trend of heal reduction with the recent toons coming out, the only thing that can come out of this is better support toons with ridiculous buffs like 100-200 atk/def/crit and negate statuses. This way every battle will just comprise of the strongest toons with negated heals, revives, debuffs and statuses.


I hope everyone realizes this game is having multiple players quit every week

By the time p2p (or anyone that pays for sc) max her scopley will already start to combine regions and close dead ones

Ay I would love to see people complaining that there regions all out war was slow because they were scared to go to a active region

In my my honest opinion top factions moving to dying regions is a bad choice due to the amount of people quitting or solo players moving to active regions causing factions to disband


It’s unfortunate they didn’t learn from the first model. Nobody wants to wait 3-4 months to use a toon… I don’t know what the fix is because they aren’t gonna get a monthly toon for $25 but 3-4 months is just too long…

That being said, she’s easily better than the rest of the decap toons.


You can also use mods on her to negate ue stun/impair if you use that argument. Shes not bad as a toon whats bad is the cost to get her and to level and ascend. 25 comics is sucking another month out of members and expected from scopley
If this toon was offered right now for an event i imagine alot would say differently about her.


she seems so-so i don’t think the specialist skill makes sense for her, guardian, orLacerator even collateral Damage would’ve been better


No not at all …its the dam weapon and her stats, like i dont understand how they design toons. She should have stats similar to amber, and even then i don’t understand why amber was like a decapitate. But both are cool toons still.


Yes that’s why i said her specialist skill doesn’t make sense. a defensive character with decap doesn’t make sense. Lacareator, with a bleed mod would work wonderfully it will double it right away.

lol yeah you would think Amber would be decap but follow up works too. Hemorrhage would’ve been nice