Survivors Club Julie


What do you guys think about julie? Is she good enough to make players continue their SC subscription or is she a flop?


I think she is a serviceable decap toon, but honestly not worth the price of the membership. Maybe ok with the other benefits from the club though. As a toon, I think Blue Tyrese is a better decap because he hits harder and in a line so you know exactly who will be hit. She has a chance to hit a second toon with her second attack, which would be a random member so you risk making someone rush unknowingly.


Garbage, I can’t see many people going for her.


She attacks the same character,only changes when the original target is dead.


Pathetic character. Too low damage on her AR. And omg her weapon. 30%def on a decap, what a joke. One more reason to leave this survivor club.


How is she garbage?


Defensive decap :joy: how is she not


Guess I’m the only one who likes her lol


She has decent damage,and high enough defense to last more then one turn.


Bound weapon when I have a better weapon already. An ar that can be stopped by absodef or stun. Less att than ty. Confuse is nice but mods negate that to an extent. Pass.


Her character card is highly incoherent. High attack stat, a weapon with improved double attack and defense bonus, decap specialist skill. The only good thing is the confusion to 2 chars for 3 turns but she is meh.


I don’t see many people in Survivor’s Club going for her. She’s a blue decap when there’s already a free one, the rush is decent I’ll give her that, but that’s about the only good thing about her.


With attack mods, and change of defense to attack on the weapon she’ll be something like red sandy


Oh, and she costs more comics to upgrade than the shield with a leader skill :joy: (well, probably the same to upgrade, but costs more from the museum).


No. Her weapon will be harder to upgrade compared to Sandy. And Sandy just hits harder than her.


Personally, and you can call me a Scopely shill, I’m going to get survivors club for this character. Doesent hurts to have more.

And also for increased roster space. Inb4 High_Power is a Scopely employee


Time to cancel…


We all know you were the first one to get this character and Andrea come on now :joy:


I will pass on this one too


I usually don’t have a problem getting 30% and 5% but that hp could of be a ar booster…