Survivors club, is it worth it survey

Title says it all. I always think about signing up, tell me how y’all really feel.

Only sometimes… this month yeah. Next month who frickin knows

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Yeah it’s a good deal :+1:

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It was all those extra gift boxes that swayed me. I wish I had signed up at the beginning of the 5 year event.

You get 30 pulls @ 250 coins each, that’s 7,500 coins worth, that’s more than what you pay for SC.

People dont look @ it like that because of the low chance of getting anything good.


They should group SC and 30 day pass with Battle pass. That would make a great deal for $20.

essentially everyone will go for it.


wish the pulls would stack :wink:


Nah its a scam. I had it for 5 or 6 months they couldn’t even be bothered to allow me to earn the weekly gold mod I could only earn a bronze one

Craft weapons without use parts is very tempting not gonna lie. For me is a solid benefit.

Got a SC for a lot of time, sometimes is good, but most of the time is meh, ditched 2 months ago. You get better items purchasing the Battle pass than maintaining the SC membership…

If the pulls would stack up id be happy


it seems like an OK value. the odds on the wheels are just stupid, Ive got faction mates that have had it since the beginning and not gotten a premier recruit.

lots of comic chances, but nothing good to spend comics on right now.

Also think it should include the coin pass, having to pay for both just feels wrong.

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