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Why the hell we dont know yet how much time we need in order to ascend and fully level shield Andrea. All of us may pay 25$ mostly because of shield Andrea… I am not going to pay this amount w/o know what to expect.(1 week,2 weeks, 1 month ,2 months,in one Year ??? ) NO problem BUT we need to KNOW !!!
By the time you sell something we must know everything about the product.
Ridiculous situation


One of the reason most people are canceling and they don’t seem to care. Beautiful business model they have over at Scopely HQ

To get to 6*, tier 2 would take a maximum of 8 weeks.

To get from 6*, tier 2 to tier 4, I’m guessing it’s another maximum 6 weeks. So as a guess, it would be a total of 14 weeks worst case scenario. Best case scenario is 10 weeks (again as a guess).

Guess assumes it would be 16 comics to go from T2 to T3 and 18 comics to go from T3 to T4.

If this is that big of a deal for you then maybe you don’t want Andrea that bad :thinking:

Less info = less customer complaints when they inevitably mess something up :relaxed:

Or maybe he does but he’s not sure it’s worth it money wise. Or he’s not sure he can afford it. Are you siding with this horrible company?

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The worst thing is it took a 3rd party to force stash odds to be revealed so giving people an expected cost of buying something.

Yet here we are allowing them to sell you something without revealing the cost of buying it. Is this not just a loophole to exploit the system in a slightly different way.

Be interesting to see if when someone completes the upgrade so the true cost is known, it stays fixed, or if the next toon has a whole new upgrade procedure.

… lemons don’t want you to know that they’re a lemon

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In total for 5* Andrea you need 30 comic books but I don’t know what you need for the 6* version. Perhaps 60?

your not buying a box, those the 3rd party makes them display odds, you are paying for access to a roadmap, which has drops that are used to update a character. since upgrading a character isnt a loot box, they arent required to display any info. if you all realy want to know, wait a few months till someone dedicated max’s her t4 and tells everyone how long it took them, then decide if your dedicated enough to spend that much time

its kinda like the level up box’s with 5stars in them. you arent buying those box’s, you are winning them in a tornament, not buying the box directly, so theres no reason for them to display the odds of you getting the 5star instead of 5star tokens. most of the box’s that show odds in game, you can buy from offers, and is why they display odds

You need 16 to go to T2 as a 6*.

She will be useful the same time that faction assault Tara gets all her flare guns to be useable and prestige michonne is ascendable and useable

I don’t understand why they are ignoring this topic. What a joke. So mother fucken unethical.

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As soon as the 1st month’s subscription locks in, you’ll get the information.

Well mine is canceled and will stay canceled until this information comes out. And if it takes a month or two for this info then I won’t subsribe as I’ll be behind already. They clearly think releasing this information is detrimental which is not a good sign.

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