Survivors club free pulls results

I must say im a but sad rifht now ive currently gone througj 100 regions and did free pull each with only a 5* ascendable hersh with 2 non ascendable 5* no wonder most people dont actually buy this

So you’re complaining that even in your sample size of a 100 regions, you got almost exactly what the odds were stated, albeit with 1 more non ascendable 5*?


Of course im complaining isnt that what this forum is for?


I Got good ones from this.That ain’t normal for me lol.

How do you have time to play in 100 regions? We all struggle in two.

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I’m with yeah I’m on a 450 pull streak fail at the moment, nothing from SC or prem pulls, keep on surviving

Its just going to tje region, pull, then leave

Ive pulled Dale in my main region. Blue Carl and New Threat dwight in another and Dante in 3rd

The rng probably recognises that and is deliberately giving you dross. Wouldn’t Put it past them…

Have tobin and 5* louis in one region now so thats a decent base to try out

So over 500 pulls later and still no harper in sight, seems super legit and the odds are great

Had it for almost 30 days now. Got nothing but 4*, exept one. 6* Konrad. Already ascended.

so what else u expecting a whole bunch of 6 stars… remember anything besides shield andrea is free

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